The ai-driven
Contract Lifecycle Management
for HR Teams

Scale even faster, more efficiently and more sustainably. With PACTA and our artificial intelligence "Themis", you automate your legal processes in an intelligent no-code workflow management and access the contracts and content of your legal department on demand in a central legal hub for data-driven contract lifecycle management and more.


Time is money. This principle is particularly important in HR. Legal processes lag behind the digitalisation of other business areas and are thus far too often the bottleneck of your hiring processes. This is exactly where PACTA comes in.


One central legal platform for HR processes

On average, more than six different people have at least one point of contact with the lifecycle of your employment contracts. Those involved usually communicate independently of each other via e-mail or even in written correspondence. Individual processes thus have to be forwarded, related, discussed and approved many times.

PACTA enables you to implement all legal processes of your sales cycle on a single platform and have them managed by your legal department or other legal experts. PACTA maps the right workflows for each internal and external stakeholder.

Learn more about our Legal Operations Management for legal departments.


Virtual assistance for contract review & monitoring

Manually searching through legal documents and finding metadata and deadlines is tedious and time-consuming.

PACTA brings your contracts to life. Our artificial intelligence "Themis" supports you in reviewing documents and analyses all relevant contract data and deadlines for you. Monitor salary structures, agreements on objectives, company carts and VSOP milestones with the help of "Themis" and let it remind you of terms and notice periods.

This way you reduce your review workload, create audit reports and decision documents on average 31% faster than before and minimise your risks in the process.


Scalable legal hub on demand

Employment contracts are currently concluded within 55 days on average. However, the time required to coordinate individual parameters with the customer is often only a few hours. The real bottleneck in the system is trivial administrative tasks and inefficient document processing.

With PACTA, your colleagues in the legal department provide you with a legal hub of legally compliant forms and contract review workflows on demand. By answering an easy-to-understand questionnaire, you can create a contract perfectly formatted in your corporate design for your next vacancy within minutes or have it checked for compliance with your internal guidelines. In addition, you can close the hiring process in a legally secure, independent and straightforward manner.


Halve your coordination and negotiation time

You coordinate with your colleagues or applicants and employees by means of endless e-mail chains and hundreds of comments and edit Word documents in markup mode and in circulation.

With PACTA you negotiate and edit contracts together with all parties in real time. In this way, you halve both the number of negotiation steps and your absolute negotiation time.


Legal certainty with maximum agility

In order to shorten the hiring process, you may individualise your contracts yourself and without legal experts. This often results in legal errors or ambiguous clauses.

With PACTA, your legal department manages the entire contract process without being overloaded with simple recurring tasks. Should you want to exceed the set legal framework, you trigger a release loop with a mouse click, so that your legal department or management can deal with these special cases.

In this way, you eliminate an average of 75% of the sources of error in legal documents, while ensuring maximum agility in your customer relationships.


Sustainability and employee satisfaction

Concluding contracts by hand-signing, mailing, and returning paper documents-is not only time-consuming, but also resource-intensive.

With PACTA Signature, you sign your documents in seconds instead of waiting an average of two weeks for a contract to be returned. This way, you offer your employees an experience that meets modern expectations and increase customer satisfaction by an average of 80%.

Protect the environment and save costs. For example, a mid-sized company would save an average of nearly 300,000 pages of paper, 4.3 tons of wood, and 1.5 tons of CO2 per year.


Compliance & streamlining of all clauses and text modules

All your clauses and text modules for different variants of employment relationships have to be organised and compared manually. In addition, legislative amendments and case law must be collected, evaluated, assigned to different clauses and entered into a multitude of individual documents.

With PACTA, your legal experts keep track of all your clauses and legal texts at all times. Themis analyses your documents, recognises, extracts, categorises and names all your clauses so that you can compare, version and update them in one central location. PACTA then automatically optimises all forms with the desired changes for you (streamlining).


Digitisation of your paper contracts

We understand that not all companies work with digital documents yet. The step to digitalisation is not always easy and often requires good change management. We have also thought about this problem and make this step as easy as possible for you.

PACTA comes with automated text recognition (OCR) software that automatically turns simple scans into readable PDF documents. This way, digitisation reaches you sooner and easier than you expect.


Collaboratively create, check, negotiate, digitally sign, data-driven analyse and deliver employment contracts, agreements on objectives, NDAs and VSOPs across organisations. Optimise the entire lifecycle of your documents.

Process Automation

PACTA Workflows


Automated Document Drafting



Automated Contract Review

PACTA Risk Analyser


DMS, OCR, Collaboration & Negotiation



Approval & Signatures

PACTA Signatures


Monitoring & Reporting

PACTA Analytics


Compliance & Streamlining

PACTA Clause Database


Minimise your workload to a few mouse clicks and fill more vacancies in less time. For example, your new PACTA workflow for your hiring process could look like this:


Request and upload of applicant data and CVs via the PACTA forms on the company website


AI analysis of applications as well as automated sorting and rejection via email according to definable parameters


Automated drafts of labour contracts, NDAs and, if applicable, VSOPs or agreements on objectives perfectly formatted in your corporate design with the data from the application forms


Automated storage and access management of all documents in the PACTA Cloud


Automated notification of the responsible members of your HR team via e-mail or ping on PACTA


Automated review loop with legal for individual contract content outside the legal scope of your PACTA forms


Automated sending of a "welcome email" to applicants and automated invitation to sign an NDA


Automated sharing of the labour contract with all contracting parties via mouse click


If required, internal coordination or negotiation of contract conditions or agreements on objectives in real time in the PACTA collaboration room


Verifiable approval of individual negotiation steps by all sides via mouse click


If necessary, approval of the labour contracts by the head of department, legal department or management via mouse click


eSignature of relevant documents by all contracting parties


Organisation and comparison of labour contract clauses with Themis analysis incl. automated clause classification in the clause database


Continuous AI monitoring of all metadata such as the provision of company cars or technical equipment and agreements on objectives with PACTA Analytics


Automated draft quarterly reports perfectly formatted in your corporate design using the PACTA forms and data from PACTA Analytics


Automated reminder of contract expiry dates and notice periods with PACTA Analytics


Automated drafts of contract extensions, terminations and addenda perfectly formatted in your corporate design


Case law: adaptation of relevant clauses in the clause database as well as automated streamlining of all your forms

With PACTA you can scale your business even faster and more sustainably. Find out how and receive the first 5 PACTA signatures per month for free during the first year of your contract:


Our customers and partners trust in PACTA and our expertise.

"With PACTA, we can automate the creation of bond terms and conditions as well as investment and securities information sheets with a high degree of individualization. This gives us more time to structure investment and hedging concepts on a case-by-case basis and to advise our clients individually on financing issues."

Dr. Matthias Möller, Partner at SCHIEDERMAIR Rechtsanwälte in Frankfurt am Main

"We operate one of the largest online law firms in Germany. PACTA is our technical basis with the help of which we can create and update our online contract forms in a scalable way. PACTA offers us a significant speed and efficiency advantage over our competitors. It enables us to offer all our consulting services at any time, on demand, with the highest quality and at fair prices. In addition, we gain more time for client support."

Dr. Georg Schröder, LL.M., Managing Director at legal data Schröder Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

"By using PACTA, we were able to accelerate our digitization process in an uncomplicated and fast way. PACTA offers us the possibility to work even more efficiently and independent of location."

Thomas Knüppel, Partner at Klopsch & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

"Without PACTA, it is hardly conceivable that a consultation with a lawyer in a distant city could proceed in this way. As a company that offers digitization projects ourselves, we are very enthusiastic about the potential of PACTA."

Jörg Godau, Managing Director at VRR Consulting


What exactly is meant by document automation?

Michael Czapla

Senior Sales Professional

With PACTA, you can automate more than just the creation of contracts. Rather, with PACTA you can automate all your legal operations holistically. From upload to draft, approval, signature, data extraction and deadline management - with PACTA you automate the entire lifecycle of legal documents.

How does document analysis work?

Arthur Gogohia

Data Scientist

For our automated extraction of relevant information from documents, we rely on state-of-the-art deep learning architectures. In the first step, a specially trained neural network recognizes important parts within a document. In the second step, our algorithms process this information into insightful findings. In the third step, the data is sorted and clearly presented on the platform.

How does automatic text recognition work for documents?

Jeffry Cacho

Data Scientist

We achieve automated extraction of text from scans in two steps. First we use image processing algorithms to optimize the quality of the scans. Our customized deep learning model then detects existing text in the image with pixel precision and converts it into digital text. This makes scans searchable and eliminates the need to manually type out the text.