DORA Compliance with digital contract management

With PACTA, you can meet regulatory requirements and tasks transparently and efficiently

With the PACTA forms and clauses, you can conclude your contracts efficiently and in compliance with DORA

Perfectly formatted draft contracts are created in just a few mouse clicks. Thanks to central clause management by the legal department, all users can independently create and finalize the necessary documents in a self-service hub.

Structure your decision-making process

With PACTA, you benefit from clearly defined templates and checklists that enable a simple and structured initial classification of your ICT services. Automated and clear summaries also support you in the preliminary decision for possible outsourcing.

Stay on top of your tests and tasks and master ad-hoc requests

“PACTA Insights” uses artificial intelligence to control the execution of all recurring checks. Automated reminders ensure that no task or deadline is overlooked. Through comprehensive analyses, “PACTA Insights” ensures that all activities, evidence and documentation can be retrieved completely and securely at the touch of a button.

Collaborate with all stakeholders in a transparent, process-driven data room

Integrate all stakeholders into the review process to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. Electronic approvals and signatures are documented in a traceable manner, which ensures a transparent process overview. Include external partners to avoid media disruptions.


What exactly does DORA regulate?

Fabian Pohl

Co-Founder & Managing Director

“The DORA Regulation aims to make the European financial sector more resilient to digital threats such as cyber-attacks and information and communication risks (ICT). It is designed to ensure that financial firms strengthen their resilience to such threats in order to protect customers and assets."

Who is affected?

Marcel Horndasch

Co-Founder & Managing Director (lawyer)

"The DORA Regulation must be applied in the financial and insurance sector from 17.01.2025, including banks, credit institutions, investment firms, crypto and crowdfunding service providers and rating agencies. Important: IT service providers in this sector (“ICT third-party service providers”) must also implement the regulation. Companies with fewer than 250 employees, an annual turnover of less than €50 million and/or a balance sheet total of less than €43 million are exempt."

What does the DORA regulation mean in practice?

Michael Czapla

Senior Business Development Manager

"DORA is not only an obligation for companies, but can also be seen as a real opportunity. The obligation to close technical security gaps offers the possibility to go beyond what is necessary and thereby gain a market advantage over competitors in the financial and insurance sector."

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