Our cooperation with the Frankfurt-based software company Fincite will start in September 2021. Together with the FinTech specialist, we will design ready-made standard processes (PACTA workflows) for digital fund management. The first joint project is the legally compliant digitization of investment guidelines for financial institutions.

The aim of the cooperation is the successive automation of legal processes in fund management and prospectus management. In addition to the PACTA workflow for investment guidelines, in the future we will also map other contract and document processes, such as the creation and approval of securities prospectuses, the planning and creation of ad hoc announcements and (semi-)annual reports, as well as the term extension or termination of an investment, in industry-specific PACTA workflows.

Our customers will be able to handle all legal processes, from drafting, negotiation or adaptation, to signature and metadata analysis of prospectuses and contracts on a central platform. The parties involved benefit not only from transparent, data-driven processes, but also from 50% fewer process steps and 40% time savings in the overall process. In addition, our standard processes reduce legal as well as general errors in the relevant documents by up to 75%.

Capital management companies, custodian banks, asset managers, and corporate finance advisors thus gain more time that they can invest in expanding customer relationships while saving costs and resources for administration and documentation.

Great potential for rapid growth

As an experienced provider of investment software for banks and financial institutions, Fincite is the perfect partner for the design and distribution of predefined standard processes in the field of fund management.

"Fincite is a strong partner from the financial sector that supports us with industry-specific expertise in product design and a large network in the target customer group. With this cooperation, we want to further intensify our sales activities with KVGs, asset managers and financial service providers."

Dominik Loroff, Head of Sales, PACTA

"Through our close relationships and many years of experience in FinTech sales, we provide our new partner with access to a very demanding and strictly regulated target group. At the same time, our customers benefit from increased process security and more efficient administration through PACTA."

Martin Göbert, Head of Sales, Fincite

Together with Fincite, we will digitize and automate analog and manual fund documentation.

Automation of investment guidelines

To kick off the cooperation, we will publish a PACTA workflow for the digitization of investment guidelines. The creation and updating of investment guidelines requires a great deal of coordination between capital management companies, custodian banks, asset managers and other parties involved. Until now, this process has largely been handled manually and with paper documents.

The PACTA workflow for investment guidelines guides all parties involved through a standardized process that ensures automated document creation, reconciliation, approval and signature by the right parties at the right place. As a result, our clients decide on their investment guidelines faster and with less need for reconciliation. In the process, PACTA documents the entire process flow digitally and in a legally compliant manner.

Visit our page on the PACTA solution for fund and prospectus management to learn about all the added value of our workflows.

For full details on our product and your new processes, download our eBook "Legal Operations Management on the Capital Market".

About Fincite

Fincite is a FinTech software provider and one of the fastest growing digital companies in Germany ("Gründerszene 2017 & 2018"). Fincite's mission is to bring wealth management into a connected and digital age. Fincite.CIOS is the world's first fully integrated Financial Advice & Portfolio Management Software.

Fincite's customers include more than 15 of the leading providers from the financial industry and wealth management, including five companies from the TOP 20 European banks. Together with various partners (including Refinitiv, Figo, Sprengnetter), Fincite offers its customers access to a wide range of up-to-date financial information. The Fincite team consists of over 60 employees from more than 10 nations with offices in Germany (Frankfurt), Peru and Ukraine.

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Martin Göbert, Head of Sales