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With artificial intelligence, we pave the way in a transparent and effortless legal landscape.

Elevate your legal processes to the next level with PACTA - today and in the future

At a Glance

Less risk, more time for what matters.
The Future of the Legal Landscape with AI

Our AI "Themis" understands your clauses, risks, data and deadlines. With PACTA, you increase the legal certainty of your most important decisions and save time and money.

“Pacta sunt servanda”

"Pacta sunt servanda - Agreements must be adhered to and monitored." With PACTA, you bring your documents to life and automate processes in an intelligent no-code workflow on a central legal platform.

Security as the highest priority

GDPR compliant AI platform on servers within the EU. Two-factor authentication and highest encryption standards for the protection of your identity and data.


Collaboratively create, check, negotiate, digitally sign, analyse and provide documents across organisations. Optimise the entire lifecycle of your documents and contracts.

Contract Management: All-In-One.

Modular by design, PACTA’s solutions span from crafting, analysing, collaborating, and signing contracts. Our latest addition to the product, our risk analyzer serves your legal teams a cockpit to steer all legal questions.

Let your virtual assistance take care of the mundane

PACTA brings your contracts to life. Monitor the timeliness, accuracy and plausibility of your contract content with the help of "Themis" and let it remind you of terms, notice periods and contract cycles.

Law as part of digitalization

Legal is no longer the bottleneck. Empower shared legal knowledge and enable collaboration on a central Legal Hub. Scale even faster, more efficiently and more sustainably.

Our Customers

Our Customers and Partners trust PACTA.

"By using PACTA, we were able to accelerate our digitization process in an uncomplicated and fast way. PACTA offers us the possibility to work even more efficiently and independent of location."

Thomas Knüppel, Partner at Klopsch & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

"PACTA is an exceedingly useful tool for automated document creation and signing with intuitive operation and an appealing design. Thanks to PACTA, we have been able to realise considerable time savings in the company, especially when creating employment contracts. Particularly worth emphasising is that the team behind PACTA is very competent and always ensures that customer wishes are taken into account and that the tool is consistently developed further"

Paul Tölle, Head of Strategic Project Management, GOLDBECK GmbH

Thanks to PACTA, we were able to create a central point of contact for our internal contract management, which we can access from anywhere and which displays a wide range of information directly without having to open or download every single document. Thanks to digitalisation, we have a much better overview of the contracts at our various locations and are automatically informed by the deadline management system when payment or cancellation deadlines or automatic contract extensions are due - so we can act flexibly at all times.  In addition, the wide range of options for sorting and finding documents saves us a lot of time and effort.

Kim Michels, Director Operations bei Betriebsarztservice Holding GmbH

"With PACTA, we can automate the creation of bond terms and conditions as well as investment and securities information sheets with a high degree of individualization. This gives us more time to structure investment and hedging concepts on a case-by-case basis and to advise our clients individually on financing issues."

Dr. Matthias Möller, Partner bei SCHIEDERMAIR Rechtsanwälte in Frankfurt am Main
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