The ai-driven
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for law firms, lawyers and notaries

PACTA and our artificial intelligence "Themis" make your law firm a legal tech provider and enable you to develop new business models.

Take your legal processes to the next level with PACTA - today and in the future.

Made by lawyers for lawyers.

With PACTA you offer your clients a repertoire of modern digital legal services.

Before PACTA: Processes are characterized by manual, repetitive work. This frustrates clients and lawyers and unnecessarily slows down the daily business.

PACTA and our artificial intelligence "Themis" make your law firm a legal tech provider and enable you to develop new business models and generate passive income.



Modern business models through on-demand offerings

You can integrate PACTA as a white label solution with the look and feel of your brand on your law firm website. By using PACTA forms and the PACTA risk analysis to query data, facts and documents of your clients and to automatically create, check, release and sign your legal documents, your law firm becomes a "legal tech provider".

Virtual Assistance for Contract Review and Monitoring

Monitor the topicality, accuracy and plausibility of your clients' contract content using metadata and deadline extraction including reminder function or in the PACTA clause database. Our artificial intelligence "Themis" also supports you in document review. This allows you to create legal reports 31% faster on average than before.

Optimising Your Client Communication

With PACTA, you offer your clients a repertoire of modern digital legal services. In the PACTA collaboration room, you negotiate and edit your documents together with all parties in real time. This halves both the number of your negotiation steps and the time required to coordinate with your clients.

In addition, PACTA records all processing operations, approvals and signatures in a revision-proof manner and makes them available to you in a complete audit trail.


Collaboratively create, check, negotiate, digitally sign, analyse and share documents across organisations. Optimise the entire lifecycle of your documents and contracts.

Our Customers

Modern law firms rely on our expertise

"By using PACTA, we were able to accelerate our digitization process in an uncomplicated and fast way. PACTA offers us the possibility to work even more efficiently and independent of location."

Thomas Knüppel, Partner at Klopsch & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

"Without PACTA, it is hardly conceivable that a consultation with a lawyer in a distant city could proceed in this way. As a company that offers digitization projects ourselves, we are very enthusiastic about the potential of PACTA."

Jörg Godau, Geschäftsführer, VRR Consulting

"We operate one of the largest online law firms in Germany. PACTA is our technical basis with the help of which we can create and update our online contract forms in a scalable way. PACTA offers us a significant speed and efficiency advantage over our competitors. It enables us to offer all our consulting services at any time, on demand, with the highest quality and at fair prices. In addition, we gain more time for client support."

Dr. Georg Schröder, LL.M., Geschäftsführer, legal data Schröder Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

"With PACTA, we can automate the creation of bond terms and conditions as well as investment and securities information sheets with a high degree of individualization. This gives us more time to structure investment and hedging concepts on a case-by-case basis and to advise our clients individually on financing issues."

Dr. Matthias Möller, Partner bei SCHIEDERMAIR Rechtsanwälte in Frankfurt am Main

At a Glance

From bottleneck to driving force with digital contract management
Be part of the future of legal with AI

Our AI understands the semantics of your contracts: Clauses, risks, dates and deadlines. This saves you time and increases the security of the most important decisions.

Legal process in Real Estate? Scaled.

Use the central, legal hub to define the basics once and apply them at scale. More focus on the essentials. This is how data-driven control works.

Security as the highest priority

GDPR compliant AI platform on servers within the EU. Two-factor authentication and highest encryption standards for the protection of your identity and data.

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