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The Team

We are the team behind PACTA. With technical, legal and economic expertise, we are happy to offer our support.


Marcel Horndasch

Co-Founder & Managing Director (Lawyer)

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Fabian Pohl

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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Ludwig Wolter

Co-Founder & CPO (Lawyer)

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Dominik Müller

Co-Founder & CTO

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Michael Czapla

Senior Business Development Manager

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Hendrik Tanke

Senior Software Engineer

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Arthur Gogohia

Senior Data Scientist

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We rely on the years of experience and expertise of our Advisory Board in the areas of business development (Alexander Warmulla), sales (Torsten Meyer), marketing (Lars Schulze) and publishing (Klaus-Peter Stegen).

Alexander Warmulla

Business Angel

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Torsten Meyer

Sales Advisor & Investor

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Lars Schulze

Marketing Advisor

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Klaus-Peter Stegen

Sales & Publishing Advisor

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PACTA is operated by BlockAxs GmbH. We have been pursuing our vision of making legal processes accessible to everyone and thereby paving the way for sustainable growth for companies and law firms since 2018, our founding year. After two years of development, we launched our platform in late 2020 under the name ContrAxs. At the beginning of 2021, we were able to achieve seven-figure seed round funding. Since the second quarter of 2021, our contract management has been called PACTA. Because contracts must be honored and monitored. PACTA sunt servanda.

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