Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an text recognition software. An algorithm converts handwritten, printed or typed text from scanned documents into machine-coded text. With the automated text recognition of the PACTA Cloud, you can digitise your document archive or automate your invoice receipt.

Digitisation of your paper documents

Every company receives a large number of documents in paper form every day. These documents are either stored in physical filing cabinets or scanned and stored digitally. In both cases, the challenge is to find and process a specific document afterwards. This is because most scanners usually only recognise and store documents as simple image files. Even if you use a modern scanner with integrated text recognition, it often has problems with the correct processing and output of invoices and legal documents.

With the help of our OCR software, it is possible to convert image files into machine-readable text. We have developed PACTA text recognition specifically for invoices and legal documents. You simply file scanned documents in the PACTA Cloud and our OCR automatically recognises and formats them for you. The PACTA Cloud is also equipped with a keyword search and allows you to find and then edit individual documents in less than a minute on average.

Replacement of your filing cabinets

You are legally obliged to archive various documents for a period of three to 30 years. Many companies currently have an electronic and a paper archive. PACTA digitises both your document receipt and your document creation. This way you create a unified digital archive in one central location and halve your paper consumption.

Automate your invoice receipt

Currently, only 14.7% of all companies use electronic invoices. As a result, accounting staff are forced to manually transfer relevant invoice data into their financial software. It is not uncommon for this to result in numerical errors and other typing mistakes. In the worst case, this leads to an incorrect balance sheet.

With the help of automated text recognition, you digitise your invoice management and take another step towards digital accounting. The PACTA Cloud recognises your invoice data automatically and eliminates human error sources. The entire business process is up to 40 times faster with PACTA than the manual processing of invoice information. Your employees can thus concentrate on evaluating and interpreting the figures.

Green document processes

Manual paper-based processing of invoices and other documents is not only time-consuming but also resource-intensive. With PACTA you protect the environment and save costs. A medium-sized company can save an average of almost 300,000 pages of paper, 4.3 tonnes of wood and 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per year with digital document processes.

How does OCR work?

In a text recognition process, the OCR software first analyses a scanned document for dark and light areas. Here, the light areas indicate that it is the background. Dark areas indicate a character to be recognised. The software then processes only the dark areas and divides the document into individual lines of text, words and finally individual letters.

The OCR algorithm compares the recognised dark elements with sample images of individual letters and uses probability calculations to determine which letters are present. Based on this, PACTA covers the scanned image with an 'invisible' OCR text layer and finally forms a digital document with articles paragraphs and spaces.


If you also want to digitise your document workflows, contact our sales department and test PACTA without obligation as well as free of charge for 14 days.