Now the time has come. We completed our seed round at the end of February 2021. Our new group of investors consisting of NBank Capital Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, DLT group establishment, Dedus Consulting UG (haftungsbeschränkt) and the private investors Thomas Zirngibl and Jürgen Stahl have financed our contract management software to the tune of seven figures.

It has been a long and intensive road to get here. We founded BlockAxs in July 2018. After a year of development, we were able to conduct a pre-seed financing with investors Alexander Warmulla, Torsten Meyer and Marion Behn in mid-2019. In 2020, we launched our contract lifecycle management. Since then, we have seen a steady increase in sales.

After starting with our contract forms, we were also able to expand our product portfolio step by step. So far, we have added a digital signature, collaborative document editing, automated document tagging, an OCR reader, workflow management for connecting individual work steps such as document creation and signature, and our ever-popular white label environment.

But all this was just the beginning. We have made it our mission to pave the way for sustainable growth for law firms and companies and to make law accessible to everyone. To this end, we will continue to work on the automation of legal processes and the digital preparation of legal communication.

Already in April 2021, our contract management will be expanded by several new features such as an automated deadline management and a contract data analysis. We will publish this contract and deadline management under the new brand "Pacta".